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Although not to the degree that Doctors get solicited for advice on pain at dinner parties, I do get asked the following question a lot: “What is the best color to paint the main walls of my home for resale?” And I smile, because it’s a great question to ask a professional like myself with years of industry experience. One of the most important rules of thumb when you’re preparing your home for sale is to look at it from a buyer’s perspective. Where your personal colour preferences may be strong & bold, keep in mind that these types of colours can present several drawbacks when it comes to resale.

Color can add a lot of personality to an environment, which can be good and bad. The majority of buyers cannot see past the first 5 seconds of entering your home. They either like it or not. The key to making a great first impression is to set the tone for the potential buyer: they have to be able to imagine themselves in the room as the owner. A tangerine-orange wall might be a wonderful, vibrant and fun color but also very a very distracting one.

Don’t despair, this does not mean that you should always paint all the rooms a boring beige before you put a house on the market. In fact, that could conceivably have the opposite effect by making a house seem “plain-jane” and undistinguished from the market competition.
The goal in painting a home for re-sale is to choose colours with just the right touch of life in them; natural enough to present a blank canvas but interesting enough to add some flair. Here are some of my favorite “greige” colours, both for resale and for very livable interiors. Greige is my favorite neutral because it goes with everything .

As for that pain in your lower back? Take you aspirin and call your doctor in the morning.


laura_davis_designs_top_5_greige_colors_111.  Revere Pewter.  This is my all time favorite color to use when in doubt.  This is a true gray, not brown or blue, just gray.  It can take on the personality of any room and help combine your style.



2.  Rockport Gray – This is a very nice,warm, almost brown. A slight hint of a purple undertone, but not much. I might tend to use this color for a feature wall.


laura_davis_designs_top_5_greige_colors_333.  Quiver Tan by Sherwin Williams. This color is a medium dark, and brings on a rich, soothing feeling to a room. This color works excellent in South facing rooms with lots of light.  




















4.  Wheat Bread by Behr is another versatile warm gray, a bit more cool than Revere Pewter, a better choice if you want more of a white walls feel.  


5.  Pavillion Gray by Farrow & Ball.  I love all Farrow & Ball colors.  This color is reminiscent of an elegant colour used in Sweden in the late 18th century under Gustav III. Mid Tones Undercoat.

Staged by Laura Davis Designs – Stunning South Surrey Home

laura davis designs south surrey staged home

Last week I staged a beautifully renovated executive rancher located in the prestigious South Surrey Elgin Park/Chantrell neighbourhood. This area is known for its proximity to a few of the most popular schools in the South Surrey ( Elgin Park Secondary and Chantrell Creek Elementary) as well as the beautiful established landscaping. I had previously worked with this homeowner with my shopping services and on interior styling and general decor so was already familiar with the home and much of the contents. The focus of the staging was to increase the ambiance in the key parts of the home and employ quick techniques to clean up some of the rooms used by the teenagers. This house is very well maintained with a gorgeous entertainers patio perfect for your BBQ, backyard and even a pool!

gorgeous south surrey staged home by Laura Davis Designs

This is an owner occupied home staging using the Styled to Sell package, meaning the homeowners are living in the home while it’s on the market. We used all of their existing furniture, mixed with rented staging accessories, & new custom artwork that I commissioned. Sometimes we are able to use some, or all, of the homeowner’s own furniture. In this case the furniture was in excellent condition, in proportion to the rooms and a suitable style for accentuating the best features of the home. All that was needed was some styling and an eye for inspiration. Staging occupied homes is one of my specialties.

laura davis designs south surrey staged home

Here is the listing agents notes;

Stunning south facing, over 1 acre private corner lot. 5bdr rancher significantly renovated doubling the size of original home. Open concept kitchen, dining and family room all views overlooking sunny private yard. Master bdr with brand new ensuite/walk-in closet and patio doors opening to hot-tub area. This home includes large recreation room and games room perfect for entertaining family and friends. 3 car garage(one over height) lots of extra parking available. Beautiful private backyard with in-ground pool with extensive patio area. Close walk to Chantrell Creek Elem/Elgin Park Sec.

Beautifully staged south surrey home

You can find out more about this move-in-ready South Surrey home by contacting Louise McKnight or Leslie Zhao of Bay Realty Group at: (604)531-4000. MLS #1325380

Laura Davis Designs provides home staging of occupied homes. The majority of homes staged receive offers in one month or less, often for over asking price or receive the highest offers of similar homes in the neighbourhood. If you need help preparing your South Surrey, White Rock or Fraser Valley home for sale, contact Laura today at (604)780-2189.

White Rock Home Staging on a budget PAYS OFF!

Many of the clients I have worked with in the South Surrey / White Rock B.C. area have similarities due to the nature of the community. Larger homes set on proportional lots surrounded by homes of equivalent stature and design. When one of these gets listed and my services are secured, making the home stand out from its contemporaries both inside and out is my primary focus and a skill I have honed over years of servicing this market.

Recently my help was enlisted for a project that was different in many aspects and I wanted to share the experience with you. A single, thirty-something firefighter had a stylish condo in White Rock that clearly had the “bachelor” stamp all over it and was collecting dust on the market after many months. He had a willingness to be creative, a desire to change anything and everything, and a current look that he knew needed to be gone. Oh…and he had a budget.

white rock south surrey home staging on a budget

White Rock Home Staging on a budget pays off

I took an inventory of everything he had, from furniture and finishings, to bedding and bath decor.  Next I evaluated each item in terms of workability.  This process involved determining whether I could work with the piece or not, but also what it would likely cost to find a suitable replacement or upgrade. Working on a tight budget, I had to be sure to maximize the design dollar available to me in order to create the greatest styling transformation possible. In the end, we kept roughly 50% of his decor/furnishings, allowing me to source fantastic deals to overhaul the other 50% and create a brand new look for his home.  A new couch, TV stand, bedding, accent chairs, rug, mirror, pillows and lamps were all purchased under budget thanks to my ability, refined over the years, to locate amazing bargains on just the right items. The savings allowed me to create for the client a custom art wall of black and white photography drawing on the theme of firefighting.  The client and the realtor were blown away.  The condo sold at a price per square foot that was highest among area condos over the preceding four months.

White Rock South Surrey Home Staging

Dining Room Staging – Before & After

A couple of things really stood out for me with this contract.  The first was that home staging and restyling don’t have to be expensive. The transformation that we accomplished on a tight budget was quite remarkable.  The second was the satisfaction I gained from using my creativity and expertise in a way that was slightly different than the norm for me.


Seasonal Curb Appeal

The Importance of Seasonal Curb Appeal in South Surrey & White Rock

“Curb appeal” is one of those catch-phrases in the Real Estate marketing and Home Staging industry that seems to be overused and yet, cannot be stressed enough to home sellers. The majority of the time, Curb Appeal is used in discussions with clients from a “beautification” perspective: “You can make your home more attractive by adding…”. While there is much wisdom behind adding the right touches to highlight features of your home’s exterior, often it is as much about maintenance and repairs as it is about planting gardens, styling your mailbox, or introducing new lighting and window trim. Entering fall and with winter approaching, I would like to focus on some aspects of Curb Appeal that may not always get the attention they deserve.

The Importance of Seasonal Curb Appeal in South Surrey & White Rock

Put yourself in the position of the potential buyer coming to see your home. First, you cannot be sure that they are scheduling an appointment or coming with a realtor. People are busy and often will do a drive-by first to see if your home is worth an actual walk-through.  If your home is on the market, it always needs to look the part. What will these potential buyers see?  In the spring and summer, those seasonal trees and flowers look amazing and add to the look of your home’s exterior. When fall hits, a lawn covered with fallen leaves and petals can spell one thing for potential home buyers: WORK! Let’s be honest. Most people understand home ownership requires rolling up the sleeves to maintain your home, but do you really want the first impression your home makes to be “Look at all the leaves on the lawn!” Get your rake out regularly and stay on top of the seasonal chores.

The Importance of Seasonal Curb Appeal in South Surrey & White Rock

The same is true of gutters that clog and overflow due to fallen leaves or needles. In wetter climates, you can’t always guarantee a
beautiful day to showcase your home. If it’s raining, the potential home buyer does not want to see water cascading over the edge of your gutters because now they are imagining climbing up the ladder themselves to clean it, rather than imagining being inside, enjoying the benefits your home has to offer.

The Importance of Seasonal Curb Appeal in South Surrey & White Rock

Ultimately it’s about first impressions and maximizing the look of your home when the potential buyer pulls up to the curb. That look is not only what they see, but how they imagine themselves as the owner of your home. Making your home stand out is as much about what you take away as it is about what you add. Remove the impression that your home is high-maintenance and you are setting the right tone before they even get to the door.

“Buyers want choice in colors and carpets” is a major misconception!

Ocean Oasis Bathroom  E1381175413743

I am often asked “What is the most important thing a seller can do to improve the likelihood their home will sell quickly and at asking price?”. My answer is simple: “Get your home ready for market!” Home buyers in the Greater Vancouver area desire a house that is move-in ready.

Making Repairs/Improvements vs. Asking Price Reductions

It is an all-too common practice for a seller to simply reduce their list price to compensate for needed repairs to the roof; the need to replace the carpets; or to mask a terribly outdated kitchen or bathroom. This way of thinking is a risky proposition that can often back-fire in the following ways:

You’ve reduced the price and acknowledge that the roof needs replacing. A buyer, who has taken the time to see your home, will immediately begin to view your property more critically and will wonder “What other repairs have been neglected that the seller isn’t telling me about?”.  The buyer will now also see your home as a fixer-upper and will make an offer accordingly. Further piling on the negatives, moving is an already stressful time and the majority of home-buyers do not wish to be confronted with the prospect of major repairs and expenses at a time when they have already stretched their home-purchasing dollar to the maximum.

The same can be true with carpets (or Kitchens and bathrooms). Yours are tired and well past their Best Before date. A buyer enters your home, sees the work that will need to be undertaken to make the home liveable and begins to weigh the stress and hassle of the work against the asking price and what they feel they will offer.

In both of these cases you, the seller, have framed your property in a negative light and are opening yourself up to bargain-seeking offers substantially less than what you are hoping to sell your home for.

Let’s be honest here. The number of DIY buyers looking to undertake major remodels upon move-in is small compared to the number of buyers looking for a move-in ready home. By leaving the work for the buyer, you are limiting your market and undercutting yourself before your first offer rolls in.

cean oasis dining room

“Buyers want choice in colors and carpets” is a major misconception!

By sticking to neutral colours for your walls and carpets (which are both things the best professional Home Stagers can assist with), the majority of home buyers will view your home as move-in ready and thus more desirable!  The easier it is for a buyer to see themselves living in your home, the more likely it is they will want your home.  Do not provide them reasons to prefer the house down the street over yours.

Want your home to sell?

Establish the right price, hire the best full-service Realtor in your area, secure the services of a professional Home Stager, and ensure your home is move-in ready!